The following is a list of our production services.
Poly Film/Biodegradable Polybag
Multiple pieces are wrapped together in clear plastic. This is beneficial for items of various sizes or if they are too large to fit into an envelope.

W'Ink Jetting
Names, addresses, and graphics are printed on envelopes, publications, newsletters, etc.

Cheshire/Inline/Hand Labeling
Preprinted labels are glued onto magazines, newspapers, etc. This is used when there is no space to print an address, when the job is already
polybagged, or the stock of the piece is too glossy to hold ink.

Pieces are folded to fit inside an envelope or periodical, usually a two or three fold.

Collating & Inserting Pieces are placed in a specific order and inserted into an envelope or polybag. Up to six pieces in a 9x12" envelope or smaller can be
done on the machine, and up to six pieces with polybag on the Norpak or Sitma. Custom sizes are completed by hand.

Match & Mail
Two or more pieces with the same contact name are matched together. A common example is a personalized letter with an addressed envelope.

Clip Sealing
Folded flaps are tabbed together to prevent the sides from tearing when mailed.